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Hi! Welcome, to 13Rounds clothing and fashion blog. Each week we will be diving into interesting news and trends of the industry. We will also share updates and thoughts relating to our business, especially as they relate to the vision we hope to bring to this industry. 

Top Clothing & Fashion News:

As China and their markets work to recover and fulfill global demand for cotton, yarn and textiles in a safe and efficient manner, other countries are continuing to help fulfill the needs of the clothing industry and its supply chains. Saudi Arabia is looking to invest $50 Billion in order to help fulfill these needs. This is critical time, as major brands begin to prep for their upcoming spring and summer lines. It is too early to tell whether or not these changes will have positive or negative long term effects on the clothing industry. Clothing companies like to see consistent pricing, but global epidemics like this, which trigger new players to enter the market, tend to cause periods of questionable supply and volatile prices. Of course, this could be a great opportunity to introduce better quality products, with better prices, to the global market. Conversely, new opportunistic players may take advantage of current global supply issues to raise prices and enjoy inflated margins in the short term; this would cause supply and demand volatility in the long term.

Recycling Trends:

As we discussed last week, we believe it’s extremely important to donate and recycle clothes you no longer wear instead of throwing them in the garbage. This week we are taking a look at the emerging trends that clothing stores are looking to implement to reduce waste. Expo Accessories LTD is a specialized: “manufacturing Bio-based & Compostable… recycled garment packaging and single-use solutions.” As many people know it takes over a hundred years for plastic to breakdown in the soil, the Bio-based bags are able to breakdown within a 10-15 months span. Not only do they sell bags but they also create garment accessories e.g. tags, hangers, etc. as well as single use plastic knives, forks, cups etc. If you are a retail store or person looking for eco-friendly biodegradable goods make sure to take a look at Expo Accessories. 

Clothing & Fashion Stocks:

We wanted to take the time to pick out a few important fashion stocks to track during these times. Currently the stock market is roughly down 3% across all sectors. We picked a few of the top clothing brands, Nike and Adidas are two leaders in athletic apparel. Zara and H&M are two of the leading fast-fashion distributors. In addition to this we picked a fan favorite Louis Vuitton to begin tracking performance. 


Current Price

Price Change %

Nike (NKE)



Adidas (ADS)



Louis Vuitton (LVMH)



H&M (HM)



Inditex OTC (IDEXY)



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