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Hi! Welcome, to 13Rounds clothing and fashion blog. Each week we will be diving into interesting news and trends of the industry. We will also share updates and thoughts relating to our business, especially as they relate to the vision we hope to bring to this industry. 

Top Clothing & Fashion News:

This week we would be at a loss to not discuss the news in China. As with many other industries, China’s Coronavirus pandemic has had an impact on the clothing industry, specifically in regards to its supply chain. Currently, there are roughly 70,000 confirmed cases of the virus, most of which in China. Scientists are estimating that there are even more people infected than are being reported by the Chinese government and the WHO. This has already had a devastating impact on many major manufacturing sub-sectors, including apparel and textile supply chain, as many factories have remained shut down. This week, news started circulating that Turkish manufacturers will be picking up some of the slack. Hadi Karasu, the head of Turkish Clothing Manufacturers’ Association (TGSD) noted this week that, “some 1% of orders will (now) be shifting to Turkey”. Given that China has roughly $170 billion ready-to-wear exports, he estimates “[that] could amount to $2 billion.” This is a massive story, with potential long-term implications, and we will continue to follow it as this epidemic continues to unravel.

Recycling Trends:

In other news, we would like to discuss the importance of recycling especially when it comes to clothing. Research has found that 85% of our clothes end up in landfills. This is estimated to amount to 3.8 billion pounds of waste per year. In addition, the accumulation of fabric in a landfill can have detrimental effects to the soil quality and groundwater. To be more eco friendly we encourage you to ask your state government about textile recycling, and participate in whatever programs are available. Often, these programs will fall under your state’s Department of Environmental protection. If the clothes are still in a fair condition we encourage you to visit your local Salvation Army or Goodwill. 

13Rounds Update:

Basketball season is a big deal at 13 Rounds. It’s also a big part of our thoughts and activities, with the NBA All-Star Weekend wrapping up shortly. This year, in the wake of the tragic loss of NBA legend Kobe Bryant his daughter Gianna and 7 others, the NBA is commemorating Kobe and his everlasting legacy on the sport by dedicating each of his two numbers to be worn by opposing teams (8 & 24) during the all star game. As fellow fans of the game, we are excited to announce our partnership with Cleveland’s Just-A-Chance youth basketball All-Star Game. 13Rounds has designed the jerseys that the kids will be wearing during their games. But more than anything, we’re excited to be a part of a community that showcases Cleveland’s rising youth boys and girls talent. The games begin March 7th from 10:00-3:15, and March 8th from 12:00-6:15 at Lutheran East High School. We hope to see you there!

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