About Us

13Rounds streetwear clothing company is a clothing company based out of Cleveland, Ohio. Here at 13Rounds we create designs and do online retail. In addition to this, we do commercial work for private businesses, organizations, and people. 

The idea behind a streetwear company originated while the founder was vacationing in Toronto, Canada. After walking the streets of the main strip of Toronto, he noticed a common trend in many of the streetwear products, overpricing cheap products. To combat this issue, we began creating affordable quality clothing that will look great and last the test of time. 
Noah Zwick is the founder of 13Rounds and Daniel Flynn is the designer behind DFdesigning. Daniel plays a major role in contributing to the success of 13Rounds. He is the graphic designer behind all of the clothes. Together, we decided to collaborate and create a one of a kind streetwear company, that will turn the industry on its edge. 

If you are interested in creating custom content, please reach out to us. For more information check out our "Contact Us" page. Our mission is to work for you, to provide you or your organization with the highest quality, and affordable clothes.